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"Internet Marketer... HERE's How To Gain An

Instant Access To 1545 Fascinating Graphic

Headers That Boost YOUR Sales By 300% Or

More... Guaranteed Or YOU Pay Nothing!"




From: The desk of Marek Brezina


Subject: Graphics that make your website red-hot, irresistible and unique



Dear Internet Marketer,


Let me tell you a very short story about my hometown in The Czech Republic, East Europe...


At the end of a rickety old cobbled road in the village where I live, are two Pottery shops, both stand facing each other on opposite sides of the street...


One of these shops has twice as many customers than the other, even though they both make equally as good products as each other...


Why do you think that's so?


Well, the answer is really simple...


One shop looks great from the outside. It has bright colors and a professional looking sign stating exactly what they do and why you should come in...


While on the other hand, the other shop looks old and grey; as if it stuck and unable to move forward with the times...


So the question is...


"What do these two Pottery shops have to do with you and your websites?"


Well, just like the shop with the professional looking signage, sucking in customers from the street at twice the rate of their competitor's... so must your site also!


And the good news is...



You Can Achieve This Kind Of Response And More By Using Top Quality, Professional Looking Header Graphics On Your Site...



Yes it's true...


If boosting your online profits is of importance to you, then it's imperative that you show your best side first...


It's like going out on date!


You always want to make a killer first impression right?


Well, it's no different with your website!


Statistics have proven time and time again, that you have a maximum 7 - 11 seconds to capture your website visitors attention... before they leave for good!


Think about that for moment...


Seven seconds is not a long time to grab somebody's attention, so you better be using every tool and tactic to keep those visitors on your site...


Another time tested and proven method of grabbing your visitors attention, is having a great headline. If you got this far, then you are living proof that the headline on this page worked ;-)


But a great headline alone won't crack it...


You also need other methods to compliment your headline as well as the copy on your site...


One of those methods are amazing looking header graphics!


Think back to the two little Pottery shops in my village and compare them both to your website.


Which would you rather be?


A plain looking, beaten up and out of date website that looks like something from the early 80's?




A fresh, upbeat, professional looking site that stays in the forefront of your visitors minds, forever encouraging them to return again and again?


The answer is clear...


But I'll be straight with you...


Bottom line is this...


Graphics that suck, (especially header graphics), lose you potential customers. No customers = no profits... Period!



So What's The Answer? How Can I Make My Site Stand

Out From The Crowd Like A Prom Queen In A Biker Bar?



Well here's the problem before the answer...


If you're a newcomer, then you most likely do not posses the precise skills and knowledge to design your website's header graphics.


In fact...


Like most, you'll probably spend valuable weeks, even months trying to learn the skills that take graphic designers years to perfect...


And once you get tired of the steep learning curve, you'll most likely look towards hiring expensive outsourcing services to create your graphics for you...


Outsourcing your graphics, or any other type of task that doesn't directly involve bringing money into your business is always a good practice to adopt for your business...



  • What if you can't afford to pay a graphic designer?

  • What if you can afford one but can't find one you feel comfortable with?

  • And what if you simply do not have the time to find a graphic designer?


The Simple Answer Is To Use Your Own Professionally

Designed - Plug And Go Header Graphics!



If you want to enhance your sales page and get the ultimate 'internet marketing' advantage over your competitors, then it's time to kiss your graphic designer goodbye (especially if he/she is good looking!).

Here’s why...

You can now lay your hands on just about any professionally designed graphic header you’ll ever need inside my...



 "Amazing Headers Box"
A Complete A-Z Header Graphics Package

That YOU Can Start Using Right Away!



"Amazing Headers Box should be an automatic

purchase for all SERIOUS Internet marketers."
~ Marek Brezina, a creator of Amazing Headers Box



Here's a short list of what your Amazing Headers Box will do for you:

  • Increases Your Online Profits By 300%! - Explode your sales conversion rate by turning prospects into buyers. Killer Header Graphic Design are key elements in reaching out to your customers and making more sales...

  • Creates A Long Lasting First Impression! - Every visitor subconsciously creates an image of how professional, credible and informative your site is going to be when they they see your pages, this happens in milliseconds!

    The better the first impression you create for every visitor, the higher the chances your visitor will stay and eventually become a customer...

  • Save Hundreds of Dollars Of Your Hard-Earned Money! - Slash the costs of professional graphic designers, and keep that extra cash for other marketing strategies within your existing and future businesses...

  • Creates Professional Eye-Catching Header Graphics In Minutes! - Why spend a ton of time designing your own when you can create your own professionally designed header graphics in minutes?

  • Plus A Whole Lot More...


Amazing Headers Box is a better, easier, quicker and cheaper solution for your header/banner needs, and ONE that is designed to make the final sale on your website.


You can now, finally, create your very own professional looking headers, quickly and easily, right on your computer in less than... one hour!





Here's a breakdown of everything included in YOUR Amazing Headers Box:


 1545 Professional Header Templates

(1345 JPEG Headers + 200 GIF Headers + 505 PSD/Photoshop Headers)


Your Amazing Headers Box contains a grand total of 1545 professional designed header templates and is split into 2 parts. That average size of the headers is 746x140 pixels.



Part 1.

The Main Headers Section...


Part One -  Main Headers Section has:

  • 550 header templates in JPEG format; and

  • 450 header templates in PSD/Photoshop format


Part 2.

The Bonus Headers Section...


Part Two -  Bonus Headers Section has:

  • 740 header templates in JPEG format;

  • 200 header templates in GIF format; and

  • 55 brand new header templates in JPEG and PSD format that come with the Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights

The 55 headers you can sell for any price you want. You can do with them what you want! The potential there is huge!


So, this massive package covers 1290 JPEG headers + 200 GIF headers + 450 PSD headers that are intended only for your personal use, and 55 JPEG & PSD headers for your private label use.


It couldn't be simpler!


Just open the .jpeg files in Photoshop or in any other graphic editor of your choice and edit any one of your headers to your hearts content. You'll have your personal website details edited into your brand new header quicker than you can say...


I fired my graphic designer! :-)


Just enter your chosen text where you like, save your work and hey presto... You're finished!


Then you go into your favorite website management program like is FrontPage and add them to your sales page of the website template.


Remember, Amazing Headers Box is available in different themes to suit your needs. Nothing is better than have all the headers of various categories under one roof!



It Couldn't Be Easier Than This... Grab YOUR 1500+ Ready-To-Use - High Quality Headers For The Craziest Deal Ever!



Below is a small taste of the sample header graphic

templates available within the package...



Click here to see the 35 sample headers inside of the Main Headers Section





Click here to see the 35 sample headers inside of the the Bonus Headers Section





Click here to see the 55 sample PLR headers inside of the Bonus Headers Section




And Here Is The Most Exciting Part of YOUR

Entire 'Amazing Headers Box' Package!



Below is just a small sample of what included in your Bonus Headers Section... 45 various niches are covered...


Wait for it, this alone will blow your mind and make you think this Czech kid has been drinking polluted water!


Inside each of your bonus niche folders, you'll discover more than 200 unique header templates!


Yes , that's right!


I'll spell it out this time...


Two hundred headers, all carefully sorted in niche related groups and ready for you to use on your websites, right away!


Take a look...






It gets even better...



 1. FREE Unlimited Updates To Web Graphic Headers...


Yes, you're going to get automatically access to the future add-ons. It means that whenever I decide to release brand new and high-impact graphics, you'll always have access for free... saving you tons of money. These updates alone are of priceless value!




2. Tons of Massive & High-Impact Website Graphics...


Here's where I'm going to make your Amazing Headers Box even more irresistible...


As part of the header collection comes an Extra Bonus Package that has tons of high-quality website graphic images...


So, if you're looking for the perfect image for a web page you're building, you won't have to look far! You'll be able to grab 2100 brilliant web graphic images for free!


So your Extra Bonus Package includes:

  • Halloween Graphics Package (with Master Resell Rights)

  • Action Pack Gold (3 action scripts for Photoshop)

  • 220+ Banner Templates

  • 490+ Webpage Menu Bar Images

  • 770+ Webpage Background Images

  • 620+ HTML Website Templates


It's Like Having YOUR Own Graphic Production Factory!



A volume of this bonus part is literally crammed to the top and you'll breathe when you get to know how many valuable and delicious graphic materials there are waiting for you!





Take a look yourself what saying the other customers who are more than satisfied with my product. They are totally excited and shocked by the massive "blast" of astonishing header graphics and the unbeatable value that I offer to them. Here is a small taste...





 "Very Satisfied With My Purchase!"




I purchased the headers graphics collections offered by Marek Brezina in his Amazing Headers Box. Due to problems with my Internet Service Provider I was not able to download the ton of information provided in this package. Much to my surprise, Marek cordially offered to send me a DVD with the information at no charge to me. In short order I had my DVD. Customer satisfaction is a priority with Marek. Very satisfied with my purchase.


Thank you.


Roger Fischer

Wisconsin, USA






 "A Great Product At A Great Price!"






Thank you for Amazing Headers.


I love to write text and I get along just fine. But I am seriously "challenged" when it comes to graphics. Just opening Photoshop causes my eyes to glaze over and my brain to lock-up. Amazing Headers, as well as the incredible bonuses you provided, have already made my life a little easier.


Thanks for a great product at a great price!


Jay Jeffries

California, USA





 "The 'Amazing Headers' Package Is Awesome!"




I wanted to thank you for the wonderful "Amazing Headers" package. Even though I wasn't able to download them from your site, you quickly offered to send me a DVD, which I received within a short period of time.  What great customer service!  I won't hesitate to buy another product from you.  The "Amazing Headers" package is awesome. Thanks again.


Barb Melloh

Ohio, USA






 "Thank You For A Very Good Deal!"



Hello Marek,

It was really an impressive amount of tools in your Amazing Headers Box! I have already used it to make a new logo for my training programs with one of the pictures. Also I appreciate your quick and personal support. Thank you for a very good deal!


Tomas Barth

Sweden, Europe






 "I Was Blown Away By The Quantity And Quality!"



The Amazing Headers Box is "Amazing"! I was blown away by the quantity and quality of the product. I don't think I will need to purchase graphics for some time to come. Marek Brezina has put together a fantastic and useful bundle of graphics and MRR products.

Not only are the products of high quality,  but the man, Marek Brezina, is also of quality. He went out of his way to provide PRO-BIZ marketing with an excellent DVD of the all the products.

We will not hesitate to do business with Marek in the future.


Bob Macek, General Manager
PRO-BIZ marketing, LLC

Utah, USA





 "Your Header Graphics Are Great!"




Dear Marek,


Thank you for your great services. Even though I have problems in downloading some of your graphics due to the huge files, you do keep your patience and send me the link again for me to download.


Really appreciate your professional service.


Your header graphics are great! Thanks for offering these graphics at an affortable price.


Keep up the good work.


With my best regards


Vincent Chin

Singapore, Asia





 "I Am Very Much Amazed With The Quality!"





I am very much amazed with the quality of graphics you have designed. They are very professional and are easy to be customized. You have done a great job. I have already started customizing my website headers. Keep up the great work. I will definitely promote you to my customers and members.

Jason Oconner

West Virginia, USA





 "A Fantastic Product!"




Marek has a fantastic product and is very quick to answer any queries. The package includes graphics for a wide range of business types, niche  markets and even seasonal greetings. It was well worth spending a few dollars to avoid having to waste hours and hours of surfing time searching for download sites.

Nick Varley

Essex, United Kingdom



Of course your Amazing Headers Box comes with a 100%

real money-back guarantee. In fact I'm so confident that

you're going to be absolutely thrilled with your purchase

that I boldly offer the following...






Still not convinced?


Maybe you have a few unanswered questions. With that in mind, take a look at the frequently asked questions and once you're ready, download your Amazing Headers Box today!



Frequently Asked Questions




What format are the headers in?


My header collection comes with 1490 headers in a JPEG format, 200 headers in a GIF format and 505 headers in a PSD/Photoshop format.



What size are the headers in?


That average size of the headers is 746x140 pixels.



Most of the ones shown were business-tech themed. Are there some for niche sites (for example fishing, gardening, sailing, cooking etc.)?

Yes, there are a lot of headers for various niches. In your collection, you'll find over 40 niche related folders with more than 200 headers inside each folder! More details here.



Are there generic template graphics that could work for any niche/topic?

Yes, absolutely! You'll discover many headers that are customized for any topic. Your collection even has PSD headers for Photoshop, which means you can edit them with any text, or images you prefer.



Can they be edited in Photoshop?




Does your header package come with resale rights?

Yes, but the resell rights license is intended for the 55 headers ONLY. Those 55 headers come not only with the Resell Rights but also with the Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights. The rest - 1490 headers are intended for your personal use only.



Do you offer any money-back guarantee?


Yes, but be sure to completely read my honest guarantee. More details here.





To be frank, the total value of your header collection is really hardly to believe.


If you were to pay to have each graphic done individually, you would have to pay an unbelievable sum of over $77,000!


But let's be real about it, nobody in their right mind would order $77,000+ worth of website graphics? That just doesn't happen in real life, so I won't even attempt to use that a marketing ploy...


Fact is however, that's just what you're about to see inside your Amazing Headers Box!


Here's what the actual real value of your header box package looks like...



Product Name

Selling At

Product Value

   1545 Professional Header Graphic Templates



   Halloween Graphics Package (with Master Resell Rights) $29.00 $350.00+
   ActionPak Gold (3 action scripts for Photoshop) $27.00 $27.00
   220+ Banner Templates $97.00 Priceless
   490+ Webpage Menu Bar Images --- Priceless
   770+ Webpage Background Images --- Priceless
   620+ HTML Website Templates $197.00 Priceless





But I have no intention of charging you that today!



That would be crazy wouldn't it.  :)


So without any tricks to break down the price step-by-step, here's the crazy Marek's been drinking polluted water from leaded pipes price...




Get Your Copy Right NOW... You Will Pay Only $79.97!



Make One Of The Smartest Decisions You Have Ever Made

And Get Your Copy of Amazing Headers Box TODAY!



All you need to do is click the order button below

to be taken to my secure hassle free order form





Order Amazing Headers Box  NOW

For A Measly $79.97 USD!


YES! I Can't Wait To Get My

Hands On Your Incredible Offer!



Marek, I Am Ready To Fulfill My Wishes And Want To

Access My Amazing Headers Box Immediately For

The All Time Low Price of Just $79.97


 I realize I will receive:

  • 1545 great professional looking headers

  • Extra Bonus Package that includes: Halloween headers, 3 Photoshop scripts, 220+ banners, 490+ webpage menu bars, 770+ webpage backgrounds and 620+ HTML templates

I accept and agree that this collection is for my personal use only and does not carry any form of resale or distribution rights even as for the alone header templates (with an exception of the 55 headers that come with the exclusive Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights).



I'm fully acquainted that this graphics collection offers me a 60-day, no risk, 100% ironclad money-back guarantee (however, this guarantee does NOT relate to any bonus gifts).


So if the collection does not deliver what it promised, I can return it for a prompt and courteous refund. I know also that this guarantee does NOT relate to these types of customer's refund requirements:

  • "There are more headers than I could ever use, therefore issue me a refund"

  • "These headers I like, and the other headers I hate, therefore give me a refund"


I understand I will receive instant access to the download area for the Amazing Headers Box immediately after I make payment through PayPal, one of the world leading and most trusted credit card processors on the Internet.



I also understand that my online purchase is made over the 100% secure, 128-bit SSL servers, and that I can rest assured that my information will always be completely safe and confidential through the PayPal online payment system.




Click Here To Download The

Amazing Header Collection!





You get instant access no matter what time of

day, even if it's 2:53 am in the morning and

your wife just ran away with the postman!



If you have problems with ordering, please contact me at: info@amazingheadersbox.com







If Your Websites Need The Ultimate Change...

Then Enrich Them With YOUR Irresistible Headers!



Bottom line is this my friend...


If you're interested in professional looking, high quality headers that:

  • keep you in the forefront of your visitors minds

  • build instant credibility

  • keep your visitors on your site...

Then don't wait another minute and grab your copy TODAY!



To Your Amazing Success,

Marek Brezina,

Creator & CEO

Amazing Headers Box



Marek Brezina

Holandska 15, Znojmo

66902, Czech Republic



P.S. Just think! You'll never again have to break a sweat thinking about which header you're going to need for your next project. Or, imagine how good you'll feel when you see others paying $50, $60 even $70 for professional headers. How would that make you feel?


P.P.S. Once again, this mega collection is intended for YOU! It's specially prepared with your needs in mind.



From One Marketer To Another...You Simply Can't

Afford Not To Invest In This Awesome Package!



It's easy to get started right away. Just click on the order link below and make your purchase.






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